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Teledyne Continental Motors Service Information Letter SIL98-9A

Posted: 28 March 2003

An engine’s published TBO DOES NOT mean that every engine will operate the number of hours or years listed without requiring component replacements and unscheduled maintenance events. Non compliance with TCM’s instructions for continued airworthiness, operational and environmental factors may necessitate repair or replacement of the engine, engine components and accessories. TCM recommends that the following information be used, along with the engine’s published TBO, in determining the engine’s continued airworthiness: 

Whether the engine has been operated regularly or has been in storage; gaskets, seals synthetic and natural rubber goods deteriorate over time. Environmental corrosion can occur internally and externally on the engine. This naturally occurring process can inevitably affect continued airworthiness of the engine and engine mounted components and accessories. For these reasons, overhaul the engine at least every twelve (12) years, or on accumulation of the operating hours listed for the engine model.

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